Ellies and Ivy tote bag XL

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Met deze xl velvet shopper van Ellies and Ivy voeg je lekker veel kleur toe aan je outfit! De tas heeft ook nog eens een supervrolijke voering. Je kunt de tas afsluiten door middel van een trekkoordje. Verder vind je twee handige vakken in de tas en je kunt 'm makkelijk over je schouder dragen of gebruiken als handtas, net wat jij het fijnst vindt! Ben jij zo iemand die al jouw (of die van je kleine) hebben en houwen het liefst overal mee naartoe neemt? Dan is dit zeker de perfecte tas voor jou! 

Merk: Ellies and Ivy
Model: Nova
Materiaal: velvet - fluweel - velours
Voering: 100% biologisch katoen
Kleur: lichtblauw - roze
Afmeting: 45 x 37 x 20

"We're Ellies and Ivy - makers of beautiful and colorful 
creations from sustainable fabrics"

Behind the brand Ellies and Ivy, we're two women, Ninna Rahbek Schou and Pernille Hvam Pedersen, who finally came to the realization that we were not the only two women in the world on a constant search for clothing that embodied a bohemian spirit in both pattern and fit.

Built on the notion that great style is seasonless, we have created a line of clothes and accessories that prioritizes longevity, and explores the possibility that if done right, the most perfect can easily be worn whether it's Autumn, Winter, Spring or Summer. Perfection for us is in the fit, pattern play, and an acute attention to detail.

Based in Denmark, but approached through the lens of the world, Ellies and Ivy has built relationships with some of the finest fabric distributors in India. We work exclusively with sustainable garments, which are handpicked by the Ellies and Ivy team. 

At the end of the day, we want to leave women wearing our clothes and accessories feeling celebrated, showered in quality, and one-of-a-kind. For us, that means uncompromised workmanship, dedication to detail in design, and the exclusive sourcing of the most beautiful fabrics from India.

It's a mission we understand is easier said than done, but it's a mission we're willing to take on. 

With the warmest greetings,
Ninna & Pernille

Ellies and Ivy



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